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Ray Griffiths

Medium Labradorite Necklace

Medium Labradorite Necklace

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This is a beautiful labradorite necklace with two medium Crownwork® finials and two amphoras on oxidized silver chain and lilypad clasp. Oxidized silver has a beautiful historic feel for jewelry ( think Austro-Hungarian empire ) and is a wonderful contrast to gold so for necklaces it looks rich and strong. When its oxidized really polished black, the stone pops with rich saturated color and look luxurious. The design inspiration for the finials are the Moores in Spain. It’s my translation of the columns in the Alluhumbra Palace. The design is a very old world form that fits jewelry perfectly and I use it in many configurations throughout the collection. The lilypad clasp is a way for me to finish a piece of jewelry with a personal design touch. The clasp is very safe and easy to open and close. Its something that shows the true nature of the piece being made by hand not manufactured.

Born from the storms of the Northern Lights and found in Canada’s Labrador region it is linked to the glimmering gold and green lights of the Aurora Borealis, the stone is as mystical as its iridescent changing colors suggest. True to it’s original nature the beads shine a blue-grey iridescence that will be the classic touch to your arm candy. Labradorite is a healing stone and is associated with protection, strength, and intuition.  It is the zodiac stone for Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio. Our standard size for these stretch bracelets is 7.5″, we can easily add a little or take a little away if need be.

MATERIAL: 18k yellow gold, oxidized silver

STONE TYPE/CARAT WEIGHT: Labradorite 385 cts.


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