Amethyst Oval 5.61cts

This exquisite 5.61 cts oval-shaped amethyst radiates with shades of deep purple, and is a testament to timeless appeal. Its symmetrical curves and smooth contours makes it perfect for a statement piece such as a ring or pendant. 

Aquamarine match pair pear shape 1.35cts total

Experience timeless elegance with this special pair of pear-shaped aquamarines, totaling 1.35 carats. These are perfect for crafting breathtaking earrings that will be the envy of your friends.

Ametrine Emerald Shape 5.88cts

The surprising fusion of amethyst and citrine in this stunning 5.88 cts rectangle ametrine, crafted by nature with its precision of blended colors of royal purple and golden hues. Its sleek rectangular shape adds a modern edge to its timeless beauty, making it a versatile centerpiece for unique jewelry designs. 

Bicolor Tourmaline Elongated Emerald Shape .88cts.

The exquisite beauty of the Bicolor Tourmaline with its elongated emerald shape weighs .88 cts. this gemstone is a true marvel of nature. Known for its unique color combination, this Bicolor Tourmaline showcases a subtle blend of pink to yellow hues. The elongated emerald shape adds an elegant touch, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

Blue Zircon Cushion Shape 1.90cts

This cushion-shaped electric blue zircon, weighing 1.90 cts. is vibrant and striking. This gemstone boasts a hue that radiates energy and sophistication. The cushion shape adds a touch of timeless elegance to its modern appeal.

Champagne Zircon Modified Square Shape 1.92 cts

This modified square-shaped champagne zircon is a true testament to elegance. With its unique blend of warm champagne tones, this gemstone has a luxurious charm that is both eye-catching and versatile. With a weight of 1.92cts and the modified square shape adds a modern twist to its classic appeal. 

Emeralds Match Pair Oval Shape .78cts total - Columbian

Take a look at the vivid green these Colombian emeralds have with this beautifully matched pear-shaped gems. These emeralds are full of life and have a combined weight of each boasting .78cts. Originating from the renowned mines of Colombia, these emeralds captivate with their intense green, evoking the lush landscapes of their homeland.

Sphene Cushion 2.74cts

This cushion-shaped sphene weighs 2.74cts. Radiating with an array of colors, from greens to fiery oranges, this gemstone captivates with its natural beauty. The cushion shape adds a touch of vintage-inspired elegance making it a timeless centerpiece for any jewelry creation.

Tanzanite Cushion Shape 1.02cts

Experience the velvet color of this cushion-shaped tanzanite, weighing 1.02cts. Delicately crafted by nature, this rare gemstone dazzles with its captivating violet-blue hues, reminiscent of a twilight sky. The cushion shape adds a touch of vintage-inspired elegance. 

Tsavorite Trillion Shape .375cts

Discover the beauty of this Tsavorite trillion shaped gemstone, a true hidden gem in the world of fine jewelry. With a weight of .375cts, this stunning gemstone is a testament to nature's artistry and the craftsmanship of skilled jewelers.

Yellow Beryl Square Shape 2.52cts

Illuminate your world with the vibrant charm of this square-shaped yellow beryl, weighing a total of 2.52cts. With its sunny hue, this gem exudes an aura of radiance and positivity. Its precise square shape adds a contemporary edge to its classic shape, making it a versatile centerpiece for both modern and traditional jewelry designs. 

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