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Ray Griffiths

Crownwork® Link Chain

Crownwork® Link Chain

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This is a 18k yellow gold small oval Crownwork® link chain with medium and large oval Crownwork® link stations and small lilypad clasp. The lilypad clasp is a way for me to finish a piece of jewelry with a personal design touch. The clasp is very safe and easy to open and close. Its something that shows the true nature of the piece being made by hand not manufactured. All of the gold we use is certified eco-responsible, recycled metal. Unlike mining, where approximately 20 tons of waste is generated to produce just one ounce of gold, refining precious metals has virtually no waste and is much better for the earth. Wear this necklace layered with the crownwork links hanging in the front for a statement piece or wear it single strand on top of an plain white tee.

MATERIAL: 18k yellow gold


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