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Ray Griffiths

Crownwork® Diamond Huggies

Crownwork® Diamond Huggies

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18k yellow gold Crownwork® huggie earrings set with pave Diamonds.  This is Ray’s reimagination of a classic earring in his trademark crownwork® style, they hug your earlobe and are perfect for everyday.  We like to think of them as the ear version of a white tee.

All of the gold we use is certified eco-responsible, recycled metal. Unlike mining, where approximately 20 tons of waste is generated to produce just one ounce of gold, refining precious metals has virtually no waste and is much better for the earth.

These earrings are set with 0.75cts of Diamonds. Diamonds are a very precious gemstone, diamonds take billions of years to form deep within the Earth’s crust under conditions of intense heat and pressure that cause carbon atoms to crystalize, forming diamonds.


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