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Ray Griffiths

Classic Pearl Earrings

Classic Pearl Earrings

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A pearl earring is a staple in every jewelry wardrobe. Ray sources pearls from all over the world and loves to design fun earrings with them. There are so many fun ways to wear pearl earrings. This pair are Classic pearl earrings on 18k yellow gold hooks. The gold used in this pair of earrings along with all the gold we used in all the jewelry is certified eco-responsible, recycled metal. Unlike mining, where approximately 20 tons of waste is generated to produce just one ounce of gold, refining precious metals has virtually no waste and is much better for the earth.

Pearls truly are one of nature’s gift to us. They are a mixture of mineral and organic material formed within the soft living tissue of a shelled mollusk. When dirt gets inside the shell it is an irritant to the pearl. The pearl releases albite (the saliva) that glues onto the pearl to smooth it out. Pearls represent purity, honesty, integrity and wisdom. They are the birthstone for June and make the perfect gift (especially for yourself)

MATERIAL: 18k yellow gold



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